We are very excited to see you and your child for your first visit with us. There are several things you can do to help prepare your child for this day.

It is best to let your child know that he or she is coming to the dentist. We will probably perform a comprehensive exam, clean your child's teeth, and apply fluoride; we may also take radiographs. With young children this can be explained as "counting your teeth,” “brushing your teeth with a special tickling toothbrush,” “painting vitamins on your teeth to make them strong,” and “taking pictures of your teeth.” Role playing these activities with young children prior to your visit may also make the appointment easier for them.

Children form attitudes about dental visits based largely on the attitudes they have observed in their parents, friends, and siblings; therefore, it is best to be positive and excited about this big day. We believe that parents have a huge responsibility in their children’s oral health. Because of this, we always invite parents to come back to the exam room with their children and share the experience.

Along with having a positive attitude, parents should also try to avoid negative words when speaking about a trip to the dentist. Avoiding words like “drill,” “shot,” and “pull” will allow patients to better adapt to this new environment. We believe in being honest with every patient, but we find that using different, child-friendly terms greatly helps to allay fears.

Like the ADA (American Dental Association) and AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry), we recommend that a children visit the dentist by age one. Our goal at Upstate Pediatric Dentistry is to work diligently on prevention and education with the hopes that our young patients may never have a cavity! Studies have shown that earlier preventative visits are easier for patients and actually less expensive for parents over time. This also helps foster positive dental attitudes and healthy habits early in life.

To get a head start on your first visit, fill out the necessary forms here:


If you don’t have time to fill these out at home, we recommend that you arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment so you have time to fill them out that day. You can also preview our HIPPA forms. This is for your reference only. We'll have you sign a copy electronically in our office the day of your appointment.

We are honored that you have trusted us with taking care of your family. Feel free to call us if you any questions. We are excited to see you soon!

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